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Short, soft, lightweight fibers produced from trees in the silk cotton tree family, Bombaceae. Some of these are:

- simal or red silk cotton (India): Bombax ceiba

- pochote fiber (El Salvador): Ceiba aesculifolia

- balsa fiber (Central America): Ochroma velutina

- akund (East Indies): Calotropis procera

- Mexican kapok (Mexico): Bombax palmeri

- kapok (Java, India, Africa, Central America): Ceiba pentandra

- Indian kapok (India): Bombax malabaricum

Synonyms and Related Terms

silk cotton tree; ceiba; samauma; Illiani silk; Java cotton; Bombax cotton; vegetable down; tree cotton; simal; red silk cotton; pochote; akund;kapok(Esp.)

Hazards and Safety


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