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Powdered caffeine


A bitter-tasting alkaloid compound that occurs naturally in tea and coffee. Caffeine acts as a mild stimulant when ingested. It is prepared synthetically from uric acid. Caffeine acts as a natural pesticide as it often paralyzes and kills insects upon ingestion.

Synonyms and Related Terms

caffein; mateine; guaranine; Koffein (Dan., Deut., Nor., Sven.); Coffein (Dan., Deut.); cafeína (Esp.); teína (Esp.); caféine (Fr.); caffeina (It.); cafeïne (Ned.); coffeïne (Ned.); kofeina (Pol.); cafeína (Port.);



Chemical structure


Other Properties

Soluble in water (pH of 1% sollution = 6.9)

Composition C8H10N4O2
CAS 58-08-2
Melting Point 238
Density 1.2
Molecular Weight 194.19
Boiling Point 178 (sublimes)

Hazards and Safety

Excessive use may cause restlessness, insomnia, tremors, headaches, irritability, and irregular heartbeat.

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