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Cerussite crystals


A grayish-white, crystalline mineral composed of lead carbonate. Cerussite, first described by K. Gesner in 1565, is one of the primary types of lead ore. It is mined in Spain (Murcia), England (Cornwall), Saxony (Johanngerogenstadt), Namibia (Tsumeb), Australia (New South Wales), Canada (British Columbia) and the U.S.(Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Pennsylvania). Cerussite can be formed by the action of ground water on galena (lead sulfide) ore. Although basic lead carbonate has been used as a white pigment since ancient times, it was made synthetically and not obtained from the naturally occurring cerussite ore. In fact, cerussite has rarely been used as a white pigment although it is occasionally found as an impurity in basic lead carbonate (Gettens, Kuhn and Chase, 1993).


Synonyms and Related Terms

normal lead carbonate; natural lead carbonate; horn silver; Cerussit (Deut.); Weißbleierz (Deut.); cérusite (Fr.); cerusita (Esp.); albayalde (Esp.); carbonato de plomo (Esp.); cerussite (It.); cerusite (Port.); cerussiet (Ned.)



Other Properties

Orthorhombic crystal system with tabular, prismatic or pyramidal crystals. Brittle with conchoidal fracture. Yellowish to golden fluorescence. Can be transparent to translucent.

Luster = adamantine to silky. Streak = white. Effervescent in acids.

Ground particle are transparent under plane polarized light. High birefringence under cross polars with fourth order interference colors. Extinction is complete

Composition PbCO3
Mohs Hardness 3.0 - 3.5
Density 6.55
Refractive Index 1.803; 2.074; 2.076

Hazards and Safety

Toxic. Carcinogen, teratogen, suspected mutagen

Additional Information

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