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A rare, azure blue mineral composed of hydrous copper sulfate. Chalcanthite is found as a secondary mineral in the oxidized zones of copper sulfide ore deposits in Chile and the U.S.(Nevada, Tennessee, Utah). It can be transparent to translucent.

Synonyms and Related Terms

copper sulfate pentahydrate; blue vitriol; blue stone; bluestone; copper vitriol; calcantita (Esp.) 



Other Properties

Triclinic, short prismatic crystals. Fracture = conchoidal. Luster = vitreous. Streak = white

Soluble in water.

Composition CuSO4 - 5H2O
Mohs Hardness 2.5
Density 2.286

Hazards and Safety

Ingestion is toxic.

Additional Information

Mineralogy Database: Chalcanthite

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