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A white, waxy cyclic alkane that is chemically stable and inert. Cyclododecane is a solid that slowly sublimes at room temperature. It has been used as a temporary consolidant and masking material. Brückle et al. (1999) tested cyclododecane as a temporary fixative to protect water sensitive ink and media during washing treatments. They also evaluated its use as an isolating layer to prevent staining induced by silicone rubber mold materials.

Synonyms and Related Terms

volatile sealing wax; cyclododecan

Other Properties

Soluble in nonpolar organic solvents. Insoluble in water, acetone, ethanol.

Composition C12H24
CAS 294-62-2
Melting Point 60.7
Density 0.82
Boiling Point 239-247 (sublimes at room temperatrure)

Hazards and Safety

Skin contact may cause irritation. Flammable.

PhysChem: MSDS

Additional Information

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