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[Desco Industries] A register trademark for a series of aluminized moisture barrier bags. Dri-Shield® bags are designed to protect sensitive items from electrostatic discharge (ESD) and moisture. The bags are heat sealable and suitable for vacuum packaging. Dri-Shield® 2000 bags are manufactured from a laminate of multiple layers of aluminized polyester (PET) and polyethylene (PE) surrounding a central polyester layer. The polyester provides puncture resistance, while the metal provides ESD shielding.

Dri-Shield® Antistatic products have the following parameters:

Product Structure Thickness (mil) Puncture resistance (lbs) Tensile Strength (lbs/in) Oxygen transmission (ml/m²d) Water Vapor Transmission (gms/m²d) Datasheets
Dri-Shield® 2000 PE /Al foil/ PET/Al foil/ PET 3.6 >20 40-54 xx <0.3 Link
Dri-Shield® 2700 PE /Al foil/ PET/Al foil/ PET 7 30 45 xx <0.3 Link
Dri-Shield® 3000 PE /Al foil/ Nylon 6 17 37 xx <0.3 Link
Dri-Shield® 3400 PE /Al foil/ PET 4 20 41 xx <0.3 Link


  • Vapor-proof packaging for cold storage
  • Temporary lab use, such as enclosures for humidification
  • Industry typically uses pouches to package circuit boards

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