Eastern white pine

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Northern White Pine (Pinus strobus)


A large conifer tree, Pinus strobus, found in the eastern North America from the Appalachians to Canada. The eastern white pine has pale color, coarse-grain wood that was widely used for construction in the 19th century. Currently, the straight-grain wood is used mainly for interior millwork, boxes, and matches.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Pinus strobus; pin de Weymouth (Fr.); pinho-mole (Port.); pino strobo (It.); Northern white pine; Weymouth pine

Density 25 pcf

Additional Information

Schoch, W., Heller, I., Schweingruber, F.H., Kienast, F., 2004:Wood anatomy of central European Species: White Pine,Pinus Strobus L.

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