Fire brick

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A brick made from an infusible material, such as fireclay, that can withstand high temperatures without melting or cracking. The ability of a fire brick to resist heat degradation is directly related to its alumina content. In the United States, fire brick are given pyrometric cone equivalent (PCE) ratings:

- Grade 1- super duty (PCE 33),

- Grade 2 -high duty (PCE 31.5),

- Grade 3-medium heat duty (PCE 29) and

- Grade 4 -low heat duty (PCE 15).

Fire brick are used for lining furnaces, kilns, and chimneys.

Synonyms and Related Terms

brique réfractaire (Fr.); tijolo refractário (Port.);magnesia brick;

Brand names: Alamo brick; Varnon brick; Kaosil firebrick; Korundal; Chromite brick; Firecrete; Insuline; Insulbrix

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