Fitch hair

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Pine Marten


The tail hair from any of several small weasel-like animals of the family Mustelidae. White hairs are obtained from the tails of the Asiatic fitch (Mustela eversmanni) native to Asia and Continental Europe. Also known as a ferret, tan or black hairs are produced by the European fitch (Mustela putorius). Marten, or sable hairs are obtained from the Russian fitch (Martes zibellina). Fitch hairs are usually mixed with bristle or camel hair for flat-sided writing brushes. These hairs have also been used by fishermen for fly tying.

Synonyms and Related Terms

European polecat; foul marten; ferret; iltis (Deut.); Asiatic fitch (white fitch -Mustela eversmanni); European fitch (black fitch, polecat, Polish fitch-Mustela putorius); Russian fitch (Martes zibellina: black sable, Russian sable, marten)

Other Properties

Length = 3-4 cm (1.5-1.7 inches)

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