Gamvar Picture Varnish

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[Gamblin Artists Colors, Portland] A brand name for a synthetic picture varnish based on Regalrez® 1094 low molecular weight hydrocarbon resin. Gamvar Picture Varnish was formulated based on research conducted in the Conservation Department of the National Gallery of Art, Washington. It contains 35% Regalrez (35% solids by weight) dissolved in mineral spirits with the addition of Tinuvin® 292H (2%) hindered amine light stabilizer and Kraton G 1652 rubber (1-3%) for added flexibility.

Hazards and Safety

Gamblin: MSDS

Additional Information

° Gamblin Artists Colors: Website

° la Rie "Polymer Additives for Synthetic Low-Molecular Weight Varnishes" ICOM Preprints, Washington, DC 1993, pp. 566-573.

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