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Original Gorilla Glue; credit www.gorillatough.com


[Lutz File & Tool Co., Cincinnati, OH] A registered trademark for an strong waterproof wood glue. Gorilla Glue® is a thermosetting polyether type polyurethane resin that cures with moisture. The manufacturer states that Gorilla Glue® is 100% pure and does not contain fillers, plasticizers, or dangerous solvents.


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Since the development of the original glue, the company has expanded to offer Gorilla tape, Gorilla Super Glue, Gorilla Wood glue, Gorilla Construction adhesives and more. Some products are listed below:

Product Composition Characteristics
Original Gorilla Glue Polyurethane Waterproof, dries tan, sandable, paintable, expands curing curing
Clear Gorilla Glue Hybrid Water resistant, dries clear, sandable, paintable, does not expand on curing
White Gorilla Glue polyurethane Waterproof, dries white, sandable, paintable, expands during curing
Gorilla Super Glue ethyl cyanoacrylate Do not use outdoors, dries clear, sandable, not paintable, fast setting
Gorilla Epoxy epoxy Water resistant, dries clear, sandable, paintable

Synonyms and Related Terms

Gorilla Brand Premium Glue


Physical and Chemical Properties

Working time = 20 minutes. Sets in 1-4 hours. Completely cure in 24 hours.

Cure temperature range 40-130 F.

Shelf life > 3 years unopened; about 1 year after opening

Additional Information

Gorilla Glues: Website

Gorilla Glues: SDS sheets

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