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Steam boiler


An acronym for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. HVAC systems are installed in most homes and building to provide a controlled air flow and temperature. Some HVAC systems also control humidity and minimize airborne pollutants. The central systems depends on one or more monitoring devices (e.g. thermostat) to sense the current conditions in each area. The central system, which consists of at least a furnace, fan, and cooler, are used to adjust the room's temperature to a preset level. The system may be equipped with a humidifier/dehumidifier to adjust moisture levels. The fans generally have replaceable filters to control particulate levels.

Synonyms and Related Terms

heating, venting and air conditioning; air-conditioning; central heating; humidifier; dehumidifier; furnace; installation de conditionnement de l'air (Fr.)

Hazards and Safety

Air ducts may accumulate dust and pathogenic bacteria.

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