Harunobu, Yoshiwara bijin awase, Volume 1, Page 17-18, 2006.1537.1

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Analysis point Image Method Result
Pt 1 XRF, EEM orpiment, turmeric
Pt 2 XRF, EEM madder
Pt 3 XRF, EEM, FORS dayflower, safflower
Pt 4 XRF, EEM, FORS indigo, flavonoid, madder, orpiment (madder?)
Pt 5 XRF, EEM flavonoid (orpiment?)
Pt 6 XRF, EEM madder
Pt 7 XRF, EEM safflower
Pt 8 XRF, EEM orpiment (FORS to be run)
Pt 9 XRF, EEM iron oxide, orpiment, turmeric
Pt 10 XRF, EEM iron oxide, orpiment (FORS to be run)
Pt 11 XRF, EEM iron oxide, madder

Note: The center of the circle is point of analysis.