Harunobu, Yoshiwara bijin awase, Volume 2, Page 36-37, 2006.1537.2

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Analysis point Image Method Result
Pt 1 XRF, EEM orpiment, turmeric
Pt 2 XRF, EEM madder
Pt 3 XRF, EEM madder, safflower
Pt 4 XRF, EEM, FORS dayflower, safflower
Pt 5 XRF, EEM iron oxide red
Pt 6 XRF, EEM, FORS dayflower, flavonoid (just dayflower?)
Pt 7 XRF, EEM calcium, flavonoid (FORS to be run)
Pt 8 XRF, EEM opriment, turmeric, iron
Pt 9 XRF, EEM flavonoid, orpiment (FORS to be run)
Pt 10 XRF, EEM dayflower?, safflower, madder?
Pt 11 XRF, EEM madder
Pt 12 XRF, EEM orpiment, safflower
Pt 13 XRF, EEM, FORS dayflower, orpiment
Pt 14 XRF, EEM iron oxide red

Note: The center of the circle is point of analysis.