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General name for any isomeric form of the hydrocarbon with the formula C6H14. Hexane is the major component in ligroin petroleum distillate. It is used as a solvent for oils, fats, waxes, pressure sensitive adhesives, and as a paint thinner.

Note: The physical parameters for normal (straight chain) hexane are provided with this entry.

Synonyms and Related Terms

hexyl hydride; n-hexane

Other Properties

Soluble in ethanol, acetone and ether. Insoluble in water.

Composition CH3(CH2)4CH3
CAS 100-54-3
Melting Point -95
Density 0.65937
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 86.2
Refractive Index 1.37486
Boiling Point 68.742

Hazards and Safety

Flammable, fire risk. Inhalation can adversely affect nervous system. Skin contact can cause irritation and redness.

LINK: International Chemical Safety Card


Properties of Common Solvents

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