Iridescent glass

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Any glass with a shimmery iridescent surface. Iridescent glass was first made in 1863 by Llobmeyr. It is made by one of three types of processes:

1) The glass is placed in a reducing flame to reduce oxides near the surface to their metallic state.

2) The glass in placed in a sealed container with metallic salt fumes. Stannous chloride is most often used.

3) The glass is painted with a thin metallic luster paint then fired. The metallic luster paint was composed of a metallic salt in a natural resin binder.

Iridescent glass was used by Tiffany and other art glass companies. The most popular type of iridescent glass was mother-of-pearl. It was made with a thin coating of bismuth.

Synonyms and Related Terms

iriserend glas (Ned.); vidro iridescente (Port.)

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