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Jacaranda tree Jacaranda mimosifolia


Wood from any of several catalpa trees of the genus Jacaranda native to the West Indies, tropical Americas, Florida, and California. One popular jacaranda wood is called caroba from the Brazilian tree, J. copia. Jacaranda is a fragrant ornamental wood has been used for carvings, small decorative items, pianos, knife handles, cabinets, and expensive furniture. The name jacaranda has also been commonly used for other unrelated decorative type woods such as Brazilian rosewood and blue ebony.

See also catalpa.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Jacaranda mimosifolia; Jacaranda cuspidifolia; Jacaranda copia; jacaranda (Fr., Port.); catalpa; caroba; Brazilian rosewood; blue ebony

Other Properties

Small tree = 8-13 m Bark = thin, smooth, gray-brown Flowers = Clusters of lavender blue cylinders (3 cm long) in late spring

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