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Lacewood (Silky oak) (Grevillea robusta)


1) A pink wood with a distinctive ornamental figuring obtained from the lacewood tree, Cadwellia sublimis. Lacewood is native to Australia. It has a straight grain and coarse texture that is similar to oak. Lacewood has a silver sheen and is used for veneer, inlays, cabinetry, flooring, boxes, and furniture. Also called silky oak, selano.

2) A reddish brown wood quartersawed from sycamore trees (Platanus orientalis) native to the eastern United States and southern Europe. It is sold commercially as lacewood because the quartersawed wood has a grain pattern with characteristic flake-shaped markings. The surface is fine-grain and it polishes to a high gloss. The wood is used for tool handles, furniture, flooring, and veneer.

Lacewood (side cut)

Synonyms and Related Terms

lace wood; 1. Cadwellia sublimis; silky oak; selano; 2. Platanus orientalis; platano (It.); sycamore; Oriental plane 

Other Properties

1. specific gravity = 0.60 (air dry); weight = 37 ppcf

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