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[GE Structured Products] A registered trademark for a thermoplastic polycarbonate sheet that was first marketed in 1959. Lexan sheets are clear, strong, and have good weather resistance. They have a lower softening temperature than Plexiglas and do not fracture as easily. Most of the Lexan sheets are UV stabilized to provide a resistance to yellowing that is similar to acrylic sheets. The manufacturer lists the following cleaners as compatible with Lexan sheets: Freon, VM&P naphtha, Windex with Ammonia D [Dracket Products], Top Job [Proctor & Gamble], Joy [Proctor & Gamble], Palmolive Liquid [Colgate Palmolive] and Formula 409 [Clorox Co.],

Synonyms and Related Terms

polycarbonate; Makrofol [Bayer]; Makrolon [Bayer}]; PC1000 [Quadrant]; Tuffak [Arkema]

Other Properties

Soluble in benzene, gasoline, acetone, carbon tetrachloride.

Additional Information

GE: Lexan Website