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[Invista, formerly DuPont Textiles] A registered trademark for a spandex (polyurethane) fiber that is produced as a continuous filament. Lycra® was introduced in 1959. It is available in a wide range of yarn sizes with denier from 40-2240. It has excellent stretch and recovery properties and is one of the most durable elastic fibers available. Lycra® is used for girdles, swimwear, surgical hose, and athletic clothes. Chlorine in swimming pools can cause slow degradation of the fibers.


Synonyms and Related Terms

spandex; licra (Esp.); Lycra (Ned);

Other Properties

Soluble in hot dimethyl formamide. Moisture regain = 0.3% Elongation 500-700%. Cross section = round and fused at random points.

Melting Point 230

Hazards and Safety

Combustible, but self-extinguishing.


Additional Information

Lycra: Website


Properties of Synthetic Fibers

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