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Marvelseal 360


[James Dawson Enterprises, Ltd.] A registered trademark for a barrier material made from aluminum foil sandwiched between a transparent nylon film and a layer of heat sealable polyethylene. The nylon is adhered to the foil with a thin layer of polyethylene. Marvelseal 360 is strong, waterproof, vaporproof, and flexible. Originally made for military applications, Marvelseal 360 has found its way into conservation and has been used to seal wooden packing crates, display cases, and storage shelves since 1980. Paint does not adhere to Marvelseal very well but the surface can be covered with fabric or Dibond.

Other Marvelseal products have the following layers:

-FR 2175 (formerly Marvelseal 470) - polypropylene / polyethylene / foil / polyethylene

-Marvelseal 585 - Tyvek / polyethylene / foil / ethylene vinyl acetate

-Marvelseal 1311 - polypropylene / foil / scrim

-Marvelseal 1312 - kraft paper / polyethylene / foil / polyethylene

Marvelseal 360

Synonyms and Related Terms

FR 2175 (formerly Marvelseal 470); Marvelseal 585; Marvelseal 1311; Marvelseal 1312;

Other Properties

For a 1 mil film: Oxygen transmission = 0.01 ml/m2d Water vapor transmission = 0.01 g/m2d

Application Video

This video demonstrates the application of Marvelseal 360 onto wood with a household iron.

Video: click here. Credit: 2015 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The heat from the iron seals the Marvelseal to the wood and provides a vapor barrier. Application works best with iron set at highest heat level. Keep iron moving otherwise it will get stuck on the Marvelseal and tear it. For best results, the entire piece of wood must be completely covered with Marvelseal. If the Marvelseal tears, simply cut a small piece of Marvelseal and iron it onto the torn spot.

Additional Information

James Dawson: Website

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