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[Photographic Solutions Inc., MA] A registered trademark for a photographic emulsion cleaner based on a hydrocarbon solvent formulation. PEC-12® was introduced commercially in 1983. The solvent mixture is designed to remove non-water based stains (fingerprints, grease, ink, adhesives, wax) from photographic emulsions.

Synonyms and Related Terms

PEC 12 photo and slide cleaner

Other Properties


Melting Point -77.4
Density 0.824
Boiling Point 73.8

Hazards and Safety

Flammable. Flash point = 24C (75F). Use with adequate ventilation.

Manufacturer warning: Unhardened or inherently soft emulsions such as inkjet or dye-sub prints, chromogenic films, dye transfer matrix film, albumen, glass plate emulsion, and Polachrome instant slide film should NOT be cleaned with PEC-12

Photographic Solutions: MSDS

Additional Information

Photographic Solutions: Webinfo

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