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    • Turned off - same as Kenaf----The Spanish name for bast fibers obtained from the stems of hibiscus plants, Hibiscus cannabinus found in Bahia and Minas Gerais. The fibers from this plant are alternatively called Java jute in Indonesia, and Billipatam jute, sunee, brown Indian hemp, Deccan hemp and kenaf in India. The jute-like fibers are strong, flexible and durable. Paco-paco, or kenaf, is a light colored fiber that is resistant to water. It is similar to Jute and was used as a substitute during World War II. Kenaf is still used in burlap coffee bags and for ropes and cords.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Deccan jute; sunee; kenaf; mesta; meshta; Guinea hemp; Deccan hemp; Java jute; ambary; ambari; awasthe hemp; bimli patam; bimli jute; gambo hemp; gombo hemp; Billipatam jute; brown Indian hemp