Pink topaz

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A transparent pink to red color gemstone made by heating a yellow topaz stone. The process for making pink topaz was discovered in 1750 by a Parisian jeweler when he baked a yellow Brazilian topaz stone at a low temperature. The heat-treatment technique quickly became popular for the production of pink, or burnt, topaz for jewelry. Red topaz was often named Brazilian ruby, whether it was made with heat or was one of the very rare, natural occuring red gemstones.

Synonyms and Related Terms

burnt topaz; Brazilian ruby; red topazburnt topaz; Brazilian ruby; red topaz; topaze rose (Fr.)

Other Properties

Orthorhombic system with mostly prismatic crystals. Perfect cleavage in one direction.

Fracture = subconchoidal and uneven. Luster = vitreous. Streak = colorless to white.

Yellow topaz turns a soft red when heated.

Mohs Hardness 8
Density 3.4-3.6
Refractive Index 1.61-1.64