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[Altuglas] A registered trademark for a transparent, thermoplastic acrylic sheet. Plexiglas® is composed of polymethyl methacrylate. It was invented by Otto Rohm and Walter Bauer of Rohm and Haas in Darmstadt Germany. They coined the name plexiglass because it looked like glass but could be heated and formed into many shapes. Rohm and Haas patented the product in 1933 and by 1936 was marketing the acrylic sheets under the name of Plexiglas® as a nonbreakable substitute for glass. The clear, lightweight material can be scratched easily and is marred by solvents. It also accumulates a static charge that attracts particles. Plexiglas® is used for signs, lens, containers, windows, skylights, windshields, protective glazing, chalkboards and furniture. Some types of Plexiglas® are:

- UF-4: transmits less than 10% UV and does not have a yellow cast

- UF-3: transmits less than 2% UV and has a slight yellow cast

- (OP-2) 201: colorless UV absorbing sheet

Synonyms and Related Terms

PMMA; polymethylmethacrylate; polimetilmetacrilato (Esp.); Lucite® [Lucite]; Perspex® [Lucite); Plexiglas® [Arkema]; Altuglas® [Arkema]; Acrylite® [Piedmont Plastics]

Additional Information

Altuglas: Plexiglas Website

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