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A general name for a transparent, thermoplastic Acrylic sheet. Plexiglass is composed of Polymethyl methacrylate. It was invented, and the named was coined by, Otto Rohm and Walter Bauer of Rohm and Haas in Darmstadt Germany. It was developed by 1928 and first patented in 1933. The polymer was sold in Britain by the name of Perspex and in the U.S. as Plexiglas®. It is used for safety glass, signs, lens, windows, and furniture.


Synonyms and Related Terms


acrylic glass; Perspex; Plexiglas®; Altuglas, Polycast; Lucite®

Physical and Chemical Properties

CAS 9011-14-7
Density 1.19
Refractive Index 1.60

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