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1) [Polycell Products of ICI, England] A registered trademark for several types of white paste fill materials. Fine Surface Polyfilla® contains Calcium carbonate in a styrene-acrylate based polymer. The fine, soft paste dries in 30-60 minutes with minimal shrinkage. After drying the hard fill can be sanded or painted. Some of the other types of Polyfilla® are based on Polyvinyl acetate and/or Gypsum formulations.

2) [Selleys Pty Ltd, Australia] A registered trademark for used for several surface finishing and gap filling products.

Other Properties

Acetone allows dried material to be softened.

Additional Information

Polycell Website Link

Selleys Website Link

Meg Loew Craft, Julie A. Solz, "Commerical Vinyl and Acrylic fill Materials", JAIC 37(1):23-34, 1998. Link

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