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[Loos & Dillworth] A registered trademark of Hercules for a low molecular weight hydrocarbon resin. Regalrez® 1094 is a hydrogenated oligomer of styrene and alpha-methyl styrene. It is the base material in both Gamvar Picture varnish and UVS Finishing varnish.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Gamvar Picture varnish; UVS Finishing varnish; Regalrez 1094 (sp)

Other Properties

Soluble in petroleum hydrocarbons, turpentine. Insoluble in water, isopropanol, ethanol, acetone.

Molecular Weight Tg = 33 C
Refractive Index 1.519

Additional Information

Loos & Dillworth: Product listing J.Whitten, R.Proctor, "Recently Introduced Low Molecular Weight Resin Varnishes" AIC Painting Conservation Catalog, Varnishes and Surface Coatings, p.109, 1998.

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