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[Smooth-On, Easton PA] A series of elastomeric urethane rubbers most often used for casting flexible molds. ReoFlex series rubbers are composed of a 2-part liquid system: Part A contains Polyurethane prepolymenr (95-99%), phthalate dioctyl phthalate (0-5%) and diisocyanates (

Synonyms and Related Terms

ReoFlex 20; ReoFlex 30; ReoFlex 40; ReoFlex 50; ReoFlex 60

Other Properties

Uncured rubber may be removed with acetone. A release agent is recommended for a surfaces prior to casting. Additionally porous materials must be sealed prior to application of the release agent.

High humidities inhibit curing. Shelf life of opened containers is limited.

Hazards and Safety

ReoFlex series:MSDS Contains suspected carcinogens: phthalates (0-5%) and diisocyanates (

Additional Information

Smooth-On: website

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