Sancure 878

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Sancure 878


[Lubrizol, formerly Noveon] A brand name for a high gloss water-based dispersion of an aliphatic, anionic Polyurethane resin. Sancure 878 produces a film with good adhesion to wood, plastic, metal and textiles. The high gloss coating is flexible but hard and resistant to abrasion, chemicals and hydrolysis. An option is available to reduce the hardness by mixing with a softer polymer, such as Sancure 861.

Other options include:

  • Sancure™ 825- crosslinkable polyurethane dispersion developed for rigid substrates
  • Sancure™ 970 EU Select – crosslinkable high solids polyurethane composite, hard films for residential and commercial floors
  • Sancure™ 20041 EU Select – crosslinkable polyurethane dispersion;
  • Sancure™ OM-933 – aliphatic oil-modified polyurethane dispersion with low VOC; chemical resistance and exterior durability

Note: Sancure 878 is not sold directly to museums but rather sold to Camger Chemical. Camger then sells an equivalent product under the name Camger 1-175.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Sancure™ 878


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Similar products: Camger 1-175


  • Coating
  • Previously used as vapor barrier but found ineffective
  • Used in theater industry

Personal Risks

For SDS, please see Camger 1-175

Collection Risks

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° AIC Wiki Oddy test Tested in 2006, 2007 (CAM, passed)

Physical and Chemical Properties

Working Properties

Shelf life is 1 year.

Instructions for use: Mix well before using. This product is made ready to use. If thinning is necessary use small amounts of water. It can be applied by either spraying or brushing (with a foam brush). Two coats are recommended for protection. Sanding is recommended between coats. It is difficult to work with and does not produce a very smooth layer.

Typical dry times are 2-3 hours, but full-cure can take up to a week to harden from a soft coating. It is prone to cracking and breaking if not applied correctly.

Previously used as vapor barrier, but requires up to 4 or more coats to provide protection. It is more paintable than Marvelseal.

No special requirements for storage or handling.

Resources and Citations

Lubrizol Performance Coatings: [Website]