Shinsai, Chapters 22–24, from the series The Tale of Genji, 11.20034

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Chapters 22–24 (Tamakazura, Hatsune, Kochô), from the series The Tale of Genji (Genji monogatari)

「源氏物語 玉鬘 初音 胡蝶」

Ryûryûkyo Shinsai (1764?–1820)

Edo period about 1819–20 (Bunsei 2–3)

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Analysis point Image Results
Pt 1 tin
Pt 2 safflower
Pt 3 brass
Pt 4 indigo, orpiment
Pt 5 indigo
Pt 6 (iron oxide?)
Pt 7 safflower
Pt 8 orpimentindigo

Note: The center of the circle is point of analysis.