Sierra Leone copal

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A medium-hard variety of copal resin obtained from the Copaifera guibourtiana tree native to the British colony of Sierra Leone in Africa. Sierra Leone copal is a pale yellow uniform resin that has been used in varnishes.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Copaifera guibourtiana; copal de Sierra Leona (Esp.)


MFA- Copal, Sierra Leone.jpg

Other Properties

Slightly soluble in acetone, amyl alcohol, ethanol, benzene, ether, turpentine. Saponification number = 146-150; Acid number = 109-114. Most copals fluoresce white under short-wave UV light.

Melting Point 130-200

Hazards and Safety

Combustible, burning with a bright flame, dense smoke, and strong smell.

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