Silastic® E RTV

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[Dow Corning] A registered trademark for a two-part silicone rubber mold making material. Silastic® E RTV is a white, low viscosity liquid that forms a high-strength, tear-resistant, flexible mold, When 10 parts of Silastic® E RTV are mixed with catalyst E, the silicone will have a working time of 2 hours and will cure in 24 hours. Curing can be accelerated with gentle heating, but heat curing will cause some shrinkage that otherwise does not occur with room temperature curing. Complete removal of bubbles from the rubber is accomplished by placing the mold in a vacuum. The curing process is inhibited by sulfur-containing compounds, some modeling clays and adhesives as well as the presence of other cured silicone rubbers. As with most silicone rubbers, cured 3110 RTV has good chemical resistance and handling properties.

Other Properties

Viscosity = 100,000 cps

Molecular Weight Shore hardness = 35

Hazards and Safety

Dow Corning: MSDS

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