Silver birch

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Silver birch Betula pendula


A slender deciduous tree, Betula pendula, native to Europe, the Balkans and Turkey. The silver birch produces a light, pinkish-yellow wood that is strong and naturally waterproof. It has been used for boxes, bowls, utensils, handles, musical instruments, weapons, boats, wagons, interior trim, millwork and toys.

Synonyms and Related Terms

European weeping birch (Betula pendula); Sandbirke (Deut.); Slöjdbjörk (Sven.); bouleau argenté (Fr.); abedul (Esp.); vidoeiro pendente (Port.); betulla (It.)

Silver birch Betula pendula

Other Properties

Tree height = 15-25 m Bark = brown turning to white with age, smooth but may peel Flowers = catkins (3-5 cm long) in early spring

Additional Information

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