Taigu wood dye

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A scarlet dye extracted from the wood of the taigu or Surinam greenheart tree native to South America and Asia. Taiguic acid, the primary coloring agent, is extracted with alcohol and dries to form yellow prismatic crystals. The colorant turns brown in sunlight. Taigu dye gives a bright orange-red color to cotton from alkaline solutions.

Synonyms and Related Terms

taiguic acid; lapachol (CI 75490); lapachic acid; tayegu wood dye; Surinam greenheart dye; Lapacho heartwood dye; Bethbarra wood dye; Natural Yellow 16;

Other Properties

Solution in alcohol, chloroform, benzene, acetic acid. Slightly soluble in hot water, ether.

UV max 251.5, 278, 331 nm.

CAS 84-79-7
Melting Point 140

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