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[Union Carbide] A registered trademark for a series of nonionic and anionic compounds used as wetting agents, detergents, and emulsifiers.

Tergitol® 7

Tergitol® XD - butoxypolypropylene oxypolyethylene oxyethanol

Tergitol® NP-10 - nonylphenoxy polyethylene glycol ester (hazardous)

Synonyms and Related Terms

Tergitol® NP = Nonoxynol-9; NP-9; N-9

Hazards and Safety

Tergitol® XD may cause irritation, nausea, vomiting.

Sigma Chemical: Tergitol® XD MSDS

Tergitol® NP is highly toxic and should be treated as hazardous waste

Mallinckrodt Baker: Tergitol® NP-10 MSDS

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