Turkey oak

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A large deciduous tree, Quercus cerris, native to Europe and Asia Minor. Turkey oak produced a hard, strong wood. It has been used for furniture, construction, coffins, wagons, boats, tools, roofing, statuary and veneer (Gale et al 2000). The southern red oak native to the United States has a local name of turkey oak.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Quercus cerris; chêne de Turquie (Fr.); carvalho da Turquia (Port.); cerro (It.)

Other Properties

Large tree growing to 40 m. Bark=dark grey with deep furrows. Leaves=obovoate (7-14 cm0 with 6-12 triangular lobes. Fruit=large acorns (2-5 cm)

Hazards and Safety

Wood is susceptible to cracking and splitting

Additional Information

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