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A bovine animal, Bos grunniens, native to the high plateaus and mountains of central Asia. The yak is covered the long, coarse guard hairs over a downy undercoat of fibers. The coarse fibers are used locally for carpets, blankets, sweaters, and outerwear. The fine down is similar to Cashmere and is used for cloth and yarn.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Bos grunniens; Yak (Deut., Esp., Fr., ); Jak (Deut., Ned., Pol., Sven.); yack (Fr.);

Yak down

Other Properties

Fiber length = 16 mm (coarse, 7 mm (undercoat)

Medulla is narrow and difficult to see.

Cross section is circular to ovoid

Color = dark brown to black

Additional Information

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