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Zebrawood (Cynometra)


Name used to refer to several types of wood having vivid and usually evenly spaced, light and dark stripes. The following specimens have been referred to as zebrawood:

1) Brachystegia fleuryana: a tree from Africa with a grain of parallel light straw-colored and dark brown stripes. It is also known as zebran, zebrano, or zingana

2) Connarus guianensis: a tree from South America that is often used in cabinetwork. It is a lightweight hardwood with distinctive dark reddish brown stripes on a cream color background.

3) Pithecolobium racemiflorum: a rare wood from French Guiana with irregular light brown stripes. It is also known as Bois serpent or Surinam snakewood.

Zebrawood (Microberlinia sp.)

Synonyms and Related Terms

1) Brachystegia fleurya; zebran; zebrano; zingana

2) Connarus guianensis

3) Pithecolobium racemiflorum; Surinam snakewood; Bois serpent

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