Zinc green

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Zinc green


Name used for three different paint pigments.

1) Most commonly, zinc green refers to a mixture of zinc yellow and Prussian blue. This composite pigment is permanent to light but not to alkali or water.

2) Zinc green is also incorrectly used for cobalt (Rinman's) green. Cobalt green is a solid solution of zinc oxide and cobalt oxide, CoO.ZnO. It is a fast drying, permanent pigment that has been available since the mid-1800s. Cobalt green was developed by a Swedish chemist named Sven Rinman in 1780.

3) The common name for zinc chrome green.

Raman (MFA)

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Synonyms and Related Terms

3) zinc chrome green; Zinkgrün (Deut.); vert de zinc (Fr.); verde de cinc (Esp.); verde de zinco (Port.)

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