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Naturally occurring translucent orange to red color mineral of Zinc oxide that contains traces of Manganese. Large quantities of zincite have been found in Poland, Italy (Tuscany), Spain, Germany (Saxony), Tasmania and the U.S. (New Jersey). Deep red zincite stones obtained in New Jersey are sometimes cut into gems for costume jewelry. Fluorescent zinc glass is prepared with crushed zincite.

Synonyms and Related Terms

red zinc ore; red zinc oxide; zincite (Fr., Port.); Zinkoxid (Deut.); zinkiet (Ned.)



Other Properties

Hexagonal crystal system. Perfect cleavage in one direction. Usually massive.

Fracture = conchoidal. Luster = adamantine. Streak = orange-yellow

Composition ZnO
Mohs Hardness 4.0
Density 5.4-5.7

Additional Information

Mineralogy Database: Zincite

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