6.03.39 Madder (a and b bottles)

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Pigment Number 6.03.39
Pigment Classification 6.03 RED - Natural Dyes and Stains
Bottle Label Madder (a and b bottles)
Collection Source EWF
Supplier/Manufacturer W.B. Cutting
Date 1917

Museums and labs that have a sample

Lab Name Lab Number Comment
Brooklyn Museum 6.03.39 (a, b)
Buffalo State 6.03.39
DIA-Detroit 6.03.39 Two vials (a, b)
IFA-NYU 6.03.39
Library of Congress 6.03.39
McRI-Chicago 6.03.39 (a, b)
Walters-Baltimore 6.03.39
Winterthur 6.03.39 only 1 bottle