Absorb 'N Dry Sponge

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[Shima American Corp, Itasca, IL] A brand name for a soft, absorbent shammy-like sponge or towel made from Polyvinyl alcohol. Absorb 'N Dry Sponges are smooth on one side and have an absorbent honeycomb texture on the other side. The product is advertised as lint-free, static-free, hydrophilic and resistant to bacteria growth. highly absorbent sponge with a very smooth surface (130 micron pore size). The Absorb'N Dry Spill Sponge makes a great addition to any disaster recovery kit. It absorbs more than 8 oz. of liquid from hard surfaces and carpets and is also effective in removing stains.

See also PVA sponge

Synonyms and Related Terms

Absorb N Dry Sponge (sp) ; PVA sponge

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