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[[File:Beta_vulgaris.jpg|thumb|Beet plant v(''Beta vulgaris'')]]
[[File:Beta_vulgaris.jpg|thumb|Beet plant (''Beta vulgaris'')]]
== Description ==
== Description ==

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Beet plant (Beta vulgaris)


A common plant of the genus Beta (such as Beta vulgaris), with thick reddish roots. The roots produce sugar and a reddish brown extract that has been used for dyeing textiles.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Beta vulgaris (Common beet); betaniini (Fin.); betanina (Esp.); betterave (Fr.); barbabietola (It.); vermelho de beterraba (Port.); betanin (Sven., Nor.); bietenrood (Ned.); beetroot; beet red; beetrot red; blood turnip

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