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*[[:Category:Physical Fastener|Physical Fasteners (Velcro, Magnets, Straps, Twill tape, etc.)]]
*[[:Category:Physical Fastener|Physical Fasteners (Velcro, Magnets, Straps, etc.)]]
<span style="font-size:100%;><b>Coatings & Sealants</b></span>
<span style="font-size:100%;><b>Coatings & Sealants</b></span>

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This section of CAMEO aggregates pages for materials that have or may be used for the exhibition, storage and transport of cultural heritage materials. Choosing materials requires specific information on composition, working properties, stability, and interactions. It is essential to remember that properties of materials may vary over time due to changes in batches, manufacturing or supplier. Inclusion in this collection merely indicates that the material has been used in exhibition storage or transport but does imply this represents current best practice and should not be viewed as an endorsement of any particular material or use. This collection has been created by the Materials Selection & Specification Working Group (MWG) under the auspices of the Collection Care Network of the American Institute for Conservation. The MWG is actively working to increase the information in CAMEO records in collaboration with members of Preparation, Art Handling, Collection Care Information Network (PACCIN). Additional information on the practical uses, and specifics on material testing results that will inform educated choices representing best practices may be obtained from the following sites:

To find materials of interest, either select by categories or see alphabetical list of all materials below:


Coatings & Sealants



Foams & Cussions

Filler/Wax/Bulking agent

Wood & Composites

Construction & Interiors


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