Date palm

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Date palm Phoenix dactylifera


A slender palm tree, Phoenix dactylifera, native to the Near East and Egypt. Fronds from the date palm were used for basketry in ancient times. Fibers were also used for making ropes. The wood from the date palm tree is fibrous and soft. It was used for roofing, door lintels, statuary, and veneer (Gale et al 2000).

Synonyms and Related Terms

Phoenix dactylifera; Dattelpalmen (Deut.); palmera datilera (Esp.); palmier-datte (Fr.); palma da datteri (It.); dadelpalm (Ned.); palma daktylowa (Pol.); datileira (Port.); dadelpalmen (Sven.)

Additional Information

R.Gale, P.Gasson, N.Hepper, G.Killen, "Wood" in Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology, P.Nicholson, I.Shaw (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2000, p. 334-371.

Sources Checked for Data in Record

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