Design Kneaded Rubber

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[Sanford Corp formerly Faber-Castell] A registered trademark for a soft, rubbery eraser. Kneadable Rubber erasers are composed of poly(isobutene) rubber mixed with vulcanized vegetable oil, antioxidants, mineral oil, pumice, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, and carbon black. Kneadable Rubber erasers leave copious small white or transparent crumbs that are invisible to the eye (Estabrook, 1989). Surface pH measurement of the Kneadable Rubber erasers gave a neutral pH value of 7.86 (Estabrook, 1989).

Synonyms and Related Terms

Design Kneadable rubber eraser; Kneaded rubber eraser

Hazards and Safety

Residual sulfur and/or chloride may be present from oil vulcanization.

Sanford Corp.: MSDS

Additional Information

° E.Estabrook "Considerations of the Effect of Erasers on Cotton Fabric" JAIC 28:79-96, 1989. Link ° E. J. Pearlstein, D. Cabelli, A. King, & N. Indictor :Effects of Eraser Treatment on Paper" JAIC 22(1):1-12, 1982. Link

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