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English pedesals
MFA# 1984.111
Grey harewood (Dyed English sycamore)(Acer pseudo-platanus)
White harewood (English Sycamore) (Acer pseudo-platanus)


An unstandardized name use for the following timbers:

1) Sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus). This tree is native to Europe and has a greenish-gray wood used for furniture, inlays and veneers.

2) English sycamore (family Platanaceae). These trees, also called plane trees, are found throughout Europe and Asia Minor. They have a light yellow wood that appears similar to oak. It takes a fine polish and is used for tool handles, flooring, furniture, and veneers.

3) West Indian Satinwood (Zanthoxylon flavuum). Satinwood has an irregular grain an a yellowish color that darkens as it ages.

4) Wood from the English sycamore that has been dyed a brownish gray color.

Synonyms and Related Terms

sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus); West Indian satinwood (Zanthoxylon flavuum); sicomoro, arce blanco (Esp.); padreiro (Port.); Sicomoro (It.); acero montano (It.); English sycamore

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