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== Summary of results ==
== Summary of results ==
[[File:MFA 35. 1967 result.PNG|center|frame|Two threads were collected for dye analysis, analyzed by prof. R. Laursen at Boston University]]
Two gold yellow silk samples were analyzed. Berberine and other alkanoids were identified. The dyeing source was a protoberberine type, probably [http://cameo.mfa.org/wiki/Amur_cork_tree_(Phellodendrom_amurense_Rupr._Rutaceae)_LC amur cork tree].
== References ==
== References ==

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Artifact Information

IMA 2012.85, Indianapolis 35.1967. L: 54 in. W: 78 in. (including sleeves) (Gift of David and Elizabeth Reisbord, Santa Monica, California).

A man's ceremonial coat from Uzbekistan, silk cross-stitched on cotton backing [1].

IMA 2012.85 A man's ceremonial coat from Uzbekistan © Indianapolis Museum of Art
IMA 2012.85 detail © Indianapolis Museum of Art
IMA 2012.85 detail, sampling location image adopted from reference [2] with author's permission

Summary of results


[1] http://collection.imamuseum.org/artwork/54887/

[2] Victor J. Chen*, Gregory D. Smith, Amanda Holden, Niloo Paydar, Kathleen Kiefer "Chemical analysis of dyes on an Uzbek ceremonial coat: Objective evidence for artifact dating and the chemistry of early synthetic dyes" Dyes and Pigments 131 (2016) 320-332.