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[Kuraray (originally Celanese)] A registered trademark for fibers melt spun from liquid crystal polymers. Vectran® fibers have excellent resistant to creep, abrasion, moisture and chemicals. For the same weight, they are ten times stronger than aluminum and five times stronger than steel. The thermoplastic fibers are used for ropes, cables and electronics. Vectran® fibers are also used to make gloves and vests that are resistant to cuts, punctures and chemicals.

Synonyms and Related Terms

liquid crystal polymer fiber; LCP fiber


  • Fibers can fray, entangle and/or acquire dirt
  • Low resistance to UV degradation

Physical and Chemical Properties

Resistant to organic solvents.

For Vectran® HS:

  • Tensile strength = 23 g/denier
  • Moisture regain = 0.1%
  • Melting Point = 330 C (stength loss from 220C)
  • Density = 1.4 g/ml

Additional Information

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